Tea Time Snacks

Tea time snacks are delightful companions to a comforting cup of tea. From crispy Samosas and savory Kachori to Sweet Para, these treats offer a burst of flavors and textures. Perfect for gatherings or a quiet moment, tea time snacks add a touch of joy to any afternoon tea ritual.
Our samosa are one of its kind the asian pastry with a savoury filling of poatao and peas with great blend of garam masala is a match made in heaven with our masala tea and teekhi meethi chutney
Khasta Katchori is a delicious spicy fried puff pastry. it has a spicy stuffing in the centre with a nice crunch on outside and tastes even better with our chutneys
Khamman Dhokla
Khamman Dhokla
Khaman Dhokla is a steamed snack made with gram flour and spices. this perfectly soft, fluffy spongy and delicious khaman will just melt in your mouth
Maska Khari
Namak Para
Sweet Para
Masala Khajli
Dal Mooth
Farsi Puri
Methi Puri
Mini Bhakharwadi
Moong Dal
Phool Wadi
Soya Chips
Soya Sticks
Special Spicy Dal
Sing Bhajia
Chapta Channa